Congratulations to Zhang Hui and the entire Full Truck Alliance team on becoming a publicly traded company on the NYSE! We’re honored to be your partners on this journey and can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.

By CapitalG investors Gene Frantz and Chengpeng Mou

We first met the Full Truck Alliance (FTA) team on a winter trip to Guiyang in the southwest of China back in February of 2018. The conversations started at 8 am and lasted into the wee hours of the next morning. We were jet lagged, cold (despite the snow outside, the hotel where we…

Image source: Duolingo

By Sadasia McCutchen, Growth Team at CapitalG

Over the last 15 months, COVID has brought sharp focus to the realization that long-term goals (or OKRs) don’t always mesh with real-world events that may require fast pivots. As we continue to explore how to approach a return to the office with business leaders in our portfolio, we’re taking a close look at how to balance more immediate implications of that return with business-as-usual priorities companies have.

HR leaders from CapitalG portfolio companies including Duolingo, Everlaw, Niantic and Unqork recently met with HR leaders from Google to discuss business…

Perhaps no skill is more critical than the personal relationship and communication skills that can make or break a business, especially coming from CEOs. But given the importance of these skills, it’s ironic how little time organizations spend studying them.

We recently invited Dr. Carole Robin to meet with a group of our CapitalG portfolio founders from Collibra, Dataiku, Everlaw, Next Insurance, Notarize, Orca Security, Unqork and more to discuss the value of building and maintaining these connections.

Dr. Robin is a professional relationship researcher, former faculty director of Stanford Graduate School’s legendary “Interpersonal Dynamics” course, and co-author of the…

An important part of our work with founders is to inspire them to think about the future of work in innovative ways. Our Return-to-Office series is designed to help leaders develop a thoughtful approach to getting teams together in new and productive ways and prepare for the economic recovery to come.

As part of the series, a group of HR leaders from CapitalG portfolio companies Duolingo, Thumbtack, Collibra, Unqork, Dataiku, Lyft, and Webflow recently met with several HR leaders from across Google to talk through best practices for employees coming back into an office — and at the same time…

Core to our philosophy of how to best support growing companies is an unwavering belief that expert advising can help strengthen the three core competencies companies need to scale at pace: go-to-market, product & engineering, people & talent.

To underscore our approach, we are proud to announce our 2021 Enterprise GTM Advisory Board. This cohort of industry experts from across Google that will work closely with, and serve as advisors to, our portfolio companies.

These advisors are 23 leaders with a wide-range of growth expertise across CapitalG’s main sectors: enterprise technology, healthcare, financial services, and retail banking. Beyond offering operational…

While investors and operators speak at length about the data infrastructure stack from a technology perspective, CapitalG investor Jill Greenberg believes we don’t spend enough time thinking about how these changes land on the key decision makers, especially at big enterprise companies.

At Trifacta and Google Cloud’s Wrangle Summit 2021, the first industry event to focus exclusively on modern data engineering, Jill shared growth insights from her work with CapitalG portfolio companies including Databricks, Looker, Collibra and Dataiku.

As part of her thesis-driven research at CapitalG, Jill and her team asked 50 CDOs at Fortune 500 companies how they’re thinking…

Image credits: Donald Iain Smith / Getty Images (via TechCrunch)

While data warehouses have evolved over the years as a way to store large amounts of structured data, more and more enterprises needed a way to store large amounts of unstructured data to fuel machine learning applications.

Enter data lakes.

Now, cloud vendors like Amazon and newer startups like CapitalG portfolio company Databricks have taken the data lakes concept to a new level, with new opportunities for startups and investors filling the quickly maturing data lakes ecosystem.

TechCrunch’s Ron Miller spoke with CapitalG general partner Derek Zanutto about the impact…

As part of our ongoing Growth Profiles series, today we’d like to introduce you to Jill Greenberg, CapitalG VP and technology investor.

In her own words, you’ll learn about Jill’s journey from operator to investor, the biggest opportunities she sees as an enterprise data investor, and her advice for founders and investors who are looking to find their way. Enjoy!

Background: What is your role/focus at CapitalG, what did you do previously? What motivated you to join the VC world?

Yeah! I’m a VP on the investment team, focusing on all things enterprise technology. …

Huge congratulations to Daniel and the entire UiPath team on becoming a publicly traded company on the NYSE! We have loved being your partners on the journey and can’t wait to see what you accomplish in you next.

By CapitalG investors Laela Sturdy, Jesse Wedler and Alex Nichols.

We first met Daniel in a tiny conference room in a WeWork in New York City in 2017. The conversation ended up lasting many hours and spanned from personal stories about how we each grew up, to leaders who inspired us, to Daniel’s incredible vision for the company. It was clear to…

By CapitalG investors Jesse Wedler & Jeremy Zhu

In recent years, consumer banking has seen major disruptions driven by the ubiquity of smartphones, cloud services, and rise of neobanks. Increasingly, banking services have become digital, and physical banking is slowly diminishing. In the last 5 years, digital banking users grew at a 39% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) while the number of physical bank branches declined at an 11% CAGR. For any bank to acquire and retain customers, offering a best-in-class digital experience has gone from being a nice-to-have to mission critical.

With the closure of physical branches during Covid…


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