As part of our ongoing Growth Profiles series, today we’d like to introduce you to Jill Greenberg, CapitalG VP and technology investor.

In her own words, you’ll learn about Jill’s journey from operator to investor, the biggest opportunities she sees as an enterprise data investor, and her advice for founders and investors who are looking to find their way. Enjoy!

Background: What is your role/focus at CapitalG, what did you do previously? What motivated you to join the VC world?

Yeah! I’m a VP on the investment team, focusing on all things enterprise technology. …

Huge congratulations to Daniel and the entire UiPath team on becoming a publicly traded company on the NYSE! We have loved being your partners on the journey and can’t wait to see what you accomplish in you next.

By CapitalG investors Laela Sturdy, Jesse Wedler and Alex Nichols.

We first met Daniel in a tiny conference room in a WeWork in New York City in 2017. The conversation ended up lasting many hours and spanned from personal stories about how we each grew up, to leaders who inspired us, to Daniel’s incredible vision for the company. It was clear to…

By CapitalG investors Jesse Wedler & Jeremy Zhu

In recent years, consumer banking has seen major disruptions driven by the ubiquity of smartphones, cloud services, and rise of neobanks. Increasingly, banking services have become digital, and physical banking is slowly diminishing. In the last 5 years, digital banking users grew at a 39% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) while the number of physical bank branches declined at an 11% CAGR. For any bank to acquire and retain customers, offering a best-in-class digital experience has gone from being a nice-to-have to mission critical.

With the closure of physical branches during Covid…

By Jesse Wedler, partner at CapitalG, and Jeremy Zhu, investor at CapitalG.

In the US alone we complete over 1.25 billion notarizations annually. The notarization process endures because it’s critical to have a process that establishes that signers are entering into agreements knowingly and willingly in order to both verify authenticity and mitigate fraud. However, as anyone who has ever had to endure the process of notarizing documents knows, the current process is tedious and inconvenient. More importantly, it often delays or even prevents important transactions from taking place. And that’s just on the consumer side.

Across sectors like banking…

By Gene Frantz, James Luo and Jamie Rosen, investors at CapitalG.

Securing the Cloud is Critical to Realizing its Potential

The future of enterprise technology lies in the cloud. Most IT departments have already started transitioning their infrastructures, and those that haven’t soon will. Gartner estimates that by 2024 more than 45% of IT spend on system infrastructure, infrastructure software, application software and business process outsourcing will shift from traditional on-premise solutions to the cloud, with over $300 billion of forecasted spend on public cloud services in 2021. The business benefits are clear: dramatic improvements in agility, innovation and, ultimately, competitiveness. …

By Jesse Wedler, partner at CapitalG, and Jeremy Zhu, investor at CapitalG.

In the digital world, there’s one gateway through which we access any critical service online, from government benefits, to healthcare to banking. That gateway is identity verification, and, unfortunately, in its current state it fails too many people too much of the time. The dominant approach for identity verification today requires every single user to set up a unique login, verify their identity, and remember a password — for every single site they access. This approach fails to deliver on both convenience and security. …

By Sumi Das, partner at CapitalG, and Nina Gerson, investor at CapitalG.

Strive Health is building comprehensive, tech-enabled kidney care management solutions to improve patient health outcomes and reign in treatment costs. We are thrilled to partner with co-founder and CEO Chris Riopelle and the extraordinary Strive Health team to support them in their journey.

Chronic Kidney Disease is a Top Chronic Condition

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a condition that affects 15% of U.S. adults and contributes to $410B+ unmanaged medical costs. People with CKD have a gradual loss of kidney function and are often asymptomatic until the disease progresses to advanced stages. When CKD reaches an…

Machine learning can enable a company to make sense of mass quantities of data, separate noise from signal on an immense level and unleash a product’s ability to truly scale. Many CapitalG companies have embedded ML into their products with great success (and in fact this is an area where CapitalG often provides hands-on support and training), but getting there is no easy feat. Embedding ML is among the most complex tasks that product teams can attempt.

To help companies think about how to build ML into their product infrastructures at scale, we decided to sit down with Howie Xu

As part of our ongoing Growth Profiles series, today we’d like to introduce you to Jeremiah Gordon, CapitalG’s General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer and one of the National Diversity Council’s Most Influential African Americans in Business for 2021.

In his own words, you’ll hear Jeremiah’s insights on venture capital’s push for diversity, the EID (Equity, Inclusion and Diversity) initiatives he’s most excited about, and how other leaders can drive progress in their own organizations. Enjoy!

So Jeremiah, as general counsel you’re in charge of all things legal. Can you tell us what that entails, and what would you say makes your work at CapitalG so unique?

Sure, so as general counsel I’m the executive responsible for all of our fund’s legal work including investment documentation, portfolio exits, board director advising…

By Gene Frantz, general partner at CapitalG, and James Luo, vice president at CapitalG.

Cybersecurity has long been a business imperative, but last year’s COVID-induced plunge into widespread remote work followed by the massive security break into U.S. government agencies and private companies catapulted security’s importance — and urgency — to a fever pitch.

Here’s how the events of 2020 killed the traditional security framework and how zero trust can save enterprises from having to feel the same pains ever again.

The problem with perimeter-based security (and why we don’t live in castles today)

For decades before the rise of cloud infrastructure, archetypal cybersecurity architecture was analogous to rigid walls guarding a castle…


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